Are you interested in becoming one of our mental health professionals?

We train attorneys and other professionals in collaboration, mediation and other dispute resolution approaches. And we help individuals facing divorce and custody issues find the right person to help them through it.

After watching countless clients counter-productively pursue hostile approaches to divorce, a group of Northern Ohio divorce attorneys formed The Center for Principled Family Advocacy, also known as FAMAD and Sensible Divorce Alternatives. The Center trains attorneys and other professionals and advisors in alternate methods for resolving divorce, parental and other family issues.

Today, a select number of area attorneys, mental health professionals and members of the court are assisting people to move forward to the next phase in their lives. Sensible alternatives to litigation create more livable futures for couples and their children, usually at one-half to two-thirds the cost of litigation. While a combative divorce can produce high attorney fees long in to the future, the resulting destruction is rarely worth the fight for anyone involved.

Our members understand the economic, social and emotional impact of divorce and other family conflicts. To minimize the negative effects of contested family disputes, Center members discuss with clients all available processes by which the matter can be resolved.



I understand that by electronically submitting this application, I am affirming to the Center the following: I have professional liability insurance in force and effect as of this date; I commit to return to individual clients and families control over the decision as to the process(es) to be utilized in family dispute resolution; I commit to identify to my clients all of the reasonable and appropriate family dispute resolution processes presently available; including, but not limited to, cooperative law, collaboration, mediation, arbitration and litigation; I commit to uphold the principles of interest based negotiations in representation of individual clients and families in all matters. I commit to the following: (a) attend a minimum of four meetings annually; (b) completion of the Basic Training within twelve months of membership; (c) participation in a minimum of one CPFA approved CLE per year. Failure to meet the foregoing criteria will result in loss of membership. Deviation from said requirements shall be handled in a case-by-case basis by the Executive Committee.