Meet our highly qualified attorneys, financial and mental health professionals, judges and court personnel – all dedicated to families involved in Ohio divorces. These professionals can help you before, during and after your divorce is final. They can even help with issues like child support, spousal support or custody issues that arise after the divorce. From the FIND A PROFESSIONAL page, click on a photo to see more information about each. You can also click on the Select Category box to narrow your search for a specialty. Want to find someone close to you? Enter a zip code or city or even a phone area code in the Search box and then press the magnifying glass.

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We understand that divorce or separation presents an emotional challenge and may create anxiety about maintaining lifestyle and financial goals. Together we will work to address the financial issues associated with divorce and develop a realistic picture of your financial situation as you transition to a new independent lifestyle.

For more than 20 years, the Castle Group at UBS has worked closely with clients and their attorneys providing clarity on the financial issues that arise during and after divorce.…

These professionals can help you and your spouse choose a guided, proven and court-approved method for ending your marriage and settling parenting issues. Aside from lowering costs, a non-litigation approach is more likely to produce a more livable future for you and your separated family.