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Photo of Lindsay Nickolls

Lindsay Nickolls

The Nickolls Law Firm, LLC
Work 4785 Memphis Avenue Cleveland Ohio 44144 Work Phone: (216) 563-1332 Website: The Nickolls Law Firm, LLC


Lindsay Nickolls’ career as a child and family advocate began during her master’s degree studies in social work at the University of Michigan. She counseled children and families using “love and logic” and other solution-focused techniques to help them deal with divorce, substance abuse, domestic violence, delinquency and other issues. To advance her goal of becoming an advocate for families in crisis, Lindsay pursued a career in law, earning her degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law. She has used both her degrees to focus on her practice as a family law attorney, mediator, parenting coordinator, guardian and estate planner. The combination of law and social work gives Lindsay a unique perspective on domestic, elder and estate planning matters. Although she has been trained as a litigator, her experience has convinced her that mediation is a more effective, less contentious forum, allowing people to come to a resolution best suited to their personal and family goals. As both an advocate and educator, Lindsay keeps her clients informed, and also encourages her clients to ask questions and educate themselves on possible outcomes. True to her social work background, she works with individuals in making informed decisions that are in the best interest of both the individual and their family.

These professionals can help you and your spouse choose a guided, proven and court-approved method for ending your marriage and settling parenting issues. Aside from lowering costs, a non-litigation approach is more likely to produce a more livable future for you and your separated family.