Facing Divorce?

You probably assume you’re in for a long and painful courtroom process. Divorce can devour your financial and emotional resources and leave your post-divorce life filled with confrontations and constant courtroom battles.It doesn’t have to.

You have alternatives to costly litigation and a lifetime of hostility

You and your spouse can choose a guided, proven and court-approved method for ending your marriage and settling parenting issues. Aside from lowering costs, a non-litigation approach is more likely to produce a more livable future for you and your separated family.

You might be hurt and angry now. That’s human. Yet eventually you will want to get on with your life. If divorce is unavoidable, it makes sense to keep yours as constructive as possible.

Giving in to anger is almost always a mistake. Pursuing litigation and other activities at any cost to get back at your spouse prolongs the agony. It can also increase costs and reduce your options.