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Links to on-line divorce and custody resources

On-line resources—Local and state


On-line resources—National

Children and Divorce
This web site discusses the effects of divorce on children based on psychological research, modern cinema, and letters from site visitors.
Information on child custody law and resources nationwide, including custody orders, direct income withholding, interstate cases and spousal support. offers both national and locally-based services on the web, from lawyers to self-help books to dating services for once you're back on your feet.
Divorce Magazine
A compassionate self-help guide for people experiencing separation and divorce.
Divorce Plus
Divorce Plus has a broad range of articles and links that provide information on all aspects of divorce: emotional, stepfamilies, single parenting, financial issues, dating, and more.
This site has over 100,000 documents on it designed to support those going through divorce.
Think of this website as the communications center for today's satellite families.
This site provides resources and information about practical approaches to divorce.
The Support Calculator
SupportCalc is an easy to use, fully certified child and temporary spousal support calculator.


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