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Center for Principled Family Advocacy



Board of Trustees

Gregory S. Costabile, Esq.

President Elect
William H. Hunt, Esq.

Brent Horvath

Kaitlyn Arthurs, Esq.

Finance Committee Chair
Terri Lastovka

Education Committee Co-Chair
The Honorable Diane Palos

Education Committee Co-Chair
Joy Savren, Esq.

Board Development Chair
The Honorable Marie Rady

Communication Committee Chair
John J. Ready, Esq.

Membership Committee Chair
Greta Fifner, Esq.

Fund Development Committee Chair

Nominating Committee Chair
The Honorable Marie Rady (ex officio)

Peer Committee Co-Chair
John J. Ready, Esq.

Peer Committee Co-Chair
Sarah Gabinet, Esq.

Advisory Committee Chair
Greta Fifner, Esq.

Former Presidents
Sarah E. English, Esq.
Greta Fifner, Esq.
Sarah Gabinet, Esq.
Sharon Comet-Epstein, Esq.
John Sayre, Esq.
Amy T. Wirtz, Esq.
Jonetta J. Kapusta-Dorogi, Esq.
John J. Ready, Esq.
Craig P. Kvale, Esq.
Marie M. Rady, Esq.
Manav H. Raj, Esq.
Dominic Antonelli, Esq.
James Cahn, Esq.
James Skirbunt, Esq.

Sarah English, Esq.
John V. Heutsche, Esq.
Laurie Malone, Esq.
John Sayre, Esq.
Roger D. Heller, Esq.

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