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Liesel M. Darby

Divorce Coach
8284 Windsor Drive #221
North Royalton, Ohio 44133

Phone: 419-787-0600


Liesel Darby decided to start her divorce coaching practice two years ago, when it occurred to her that she had the perfect background for it. Her professional experience as a therapist (alcohol and drug counseling for six years, then four years of mental health counseling with children and families, clinical supervision and program management) and certified life coach, as well as her own divorce provide the necessary balance to guide others experiencing the emotional challenges of this major life-changing event. Teaching others what to expect as they go through the grieving process of this major loss helps them to navigate the legal process more adeptly. She teaches four classes on a rotating basis each month (What to Expect, Communication Skills, Stress Management Skills, and Moving Forward). Each is followed by a support group (3 for women, called the Empress Crown Support Group, and one for men each month). The support groups are meant to empower participants and get them out of victim mode. Individual coaching is also offered. More information, as well as registration and payment for classes and support groups can be found at

Liesel lives in N. Royalton, Ohio. She credits her group of girlfriends with taking her from devastation to dancing, and it is her mission in life to do the same for others going through divorce.


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