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Promotes sensible alternatives to the high emotional and financial costs of shared parenting and divorce litigation.
Educates consumers on how to protect their rights while retaining more control and dignity through how they choose to resolve end of marriage and ongoing shared parenting issues.
Trains attorneys and other professionals in alternate dispute reolution methods for divorce and shared parenting.
Divorce and family law attorneys and professionals in Northeast Ohio.
Annual member dues. The Center is a non-profit organization run by member volunteers. The Center has no full or part-time staff.
Why do sensible alternatives to fighting in court matter?
Using cooperative methods to settle the end-of-marriage issues and establish shared parenting responsibilities gives couples more control over the final agreement and their new lives apart. It reduces the cost to divorce and establishes a less-stressful basis for managing parenting and other ongoing matters.
The Reality of divorce
When a marriage cannot be saved, each spouse should work to create a positive future for themselves, not punish each other.
Most divorces are settled out of court
While litigation is an appropriate mechanism for resolving difficult marital and parenting issues, more htan 90 percent of couples resolve their differences outside the courtroom. Working with an attorney trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques enables even high conflict couples to resolve their issues, rather than relying on a court to do so for them.
Resources for those facing divorce and parenting issues
Individuals confronting divorce or shared parenting issues can find articles, court website links and a list of family law attorneys and professionals trained in non-litigated dispute resolution here on this site.


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