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Guidance for Divorce and Custody Issues

The following resources authored by Center members offer general guidelines and advice for resolving divorce and custody issues. These are legally complex matters. Not all advice applies to every situation. Abuse, physical violence and addiction create special concerns. When in doubt, consult with a center trained attorney or other center trained professional.

Below are three type of valuable resources - videos, guides and articles. To quickly jump to the guides or articles which are below the videos, click here.

Have a topic you’d like to see covered here? Have a question we might be able to help you answer? Contact any member attorney to answer your questions.


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Collaborative Cooperative Costs of Non-Litigated Divorce
Dissolution Domestic Violence General FAQ
Litigated Divorce Mediation Other Team Members/Professionals
Parent Coordinator    
Domestic Violence

Ohio Dissolution of Marriage Laws Guide 
by The Center for Principled Family Advocacy 
Ohio law allows for an alternative to divorce called dissolution of marriage. Couples in the state can seek a dissolution if they can agree before filing on all issues regarding property, support and parenting.  Read More...
Ohio Divorce Law Basics 
by The Center for Principled Family Advocacy 
Divorce and dissolution are distinct legal actions in Ohio. Dissolution is cooperative. You negotiate all matters relating to the end of marriage, then file for dissolution. Both spouses must appear at the dissolution hearing.  Read More...
Uncontested Divorce and Dissolution 
by The Center for Principled Family Advocacy 
In Ohio, you can end your marriage without fighting in court. Will your divorce be uncontested? That's up to you and your spouse. The word "uncontested" has a specific meaning under Ohio divorce laws.   Read More...
Understanding "no-fault" divorce and your privacy 
by The Center for Principled Family Advocacy 
The end of a marriage is a matter of public record in Ohio. Still, in many cases, you can keep details of your private life out of court records - where anyone can get their hands on important details of your life.  Read More...
An overview of Shared Parenting in Ohio 
by John J. Ready, Esq. 
Shared parenting requires both parents to bear the emotional, physical and financial responsibility of raising a child. The specific terms of the arrangement for Ohio parents are described in a legal document known as a shared parenting plan.   Read More...
Business Valuation and Matrimonial Breakup Guide 
by Eddie Blaugrund, CPA, CVA, CFE; and Elaine Rockwell, CPA, CVA 
If a business is part of your marital assets, you will be required or will strongly desire to submit a supportable valuation during divorce. In many cases, couples can save money and agony by jointly selecting one trained and experienced valuation expert.  Read More...
Collaborative Law, Children and Divorce 
by Jonetta Kapusta-Dorogi 
Children are deeply affected by the divorce of their parents. Can choosing the collaborative process improve the outcome for the children and the family?  Read More...
Do's & Don'ts of Divorcing 
by William H. Hunt 
List of Do's and Don't when going through a divorce.   Read More...
Effective Parenting Through Divorce & Beyond 
by Kathy Vavro, MEd., LSW, PC-S 
How to choose a divorce attorney 
by Honorable Marie Rady, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Division of Domestic Relations 
Choosing an attorney to represent your interests in divorce court is an important first decision that can have an effect for years to come.  Read More...
Legal Separation in Ohio 
by Amy Wirtz, Esq. 
What is a legal separation? Can a husband and wife separate and have the court divide their property and allocate parental rights and responsibilities? The answer is yes.  Read More...
Questions to ask a divorce lawyer before you agree to hire that attorney 
by Amy Wirtz, Esq. 
Choosing the right lawyer to handle the termination of your marriage determines how comfortable you will be during a stressful time in your life. It is not a science. But the right questions improves your chances of making the best of a difficult process.   Read More...
Relocation in Ohio Shared Parenting Cases 
by Sharon Comet-Epstein 
Many parents who are parties to a shared parenting plan find that they wish to move from the residence and community they occupied when they entered into a shared parenting plan. There are a number of considerations that must take place before a parent moves away from the other parent.  Read More...
Surviving divorce in Ohio, and elsewhere 
by William H. Hunt, Esq. 
The first step in surviving divorce in Ohio (or most everywhere else) is to be a little gentle on yourself. Don't indulge in a gigantic pity party - you are not the only person who has gone through this - but don't be unnecessarily harsh either.   Read More...
Tax consequences of Forgiven Debt 
by Terri A. Lastovka, CPA, JD, ASA 
In the current foreclosure crisis, there may be relief for the taxpyer for the foregiveness of debt by the lender.  Read More...
The Cost of Divorce To Employers 
by Amy Wirtz and LeeDaun Williams 
What does the divorce of an employee mean to an employer? How is an employee's performance impacted by their divorce?  Read More...


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